Mini Frittata with Portobello mushroom, potatoes & manchego

Challah French Toast with caramelized bananas & walnuts

Pancetta, Egg & Cheese in Phyllo Flowers

Seasonal Fruit Skewers

Vanilla Yogurt Parfaits with berries, granola & pecans

Mini Croissants stuffed with grilled eggplant, oven-dried tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella

Mini Panini with cheesesteaks with caramelized onion & gorgonzola -&- smoked ham & gruyere

Muffin & Mini Bagel Assortment with scallion cream cheese, lemon tofutti & strawberry butter

Assorted Juice with peach, orange, blueberry & lemonade

Coffee, Decaf & Tea with condiments